Orthotic insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common reasons of heel pain. A flat tissue band that forms connection between your toes and heel bone is known as plantar fascia. Its main function is to support the foot arch. If this plantar fascia is strained beyond limit, it becomes weak and gets swollen as well as inflamed. Due to this reason, the bottom of your heel starts hurting when you walk or stand. The problem of plantar fasciitis is very common in middle-aged persons. However, you can find soldiers and athletes who usually strain their feet also complain of this type of pain.

Causes of Plantar fasciitis          

Too much straining of arch supporting ligament leads to plantar fasciitis. If this strain is repeated then the ligament can get tiny tear leading to swelling and pain. Some of the common causes of this type of foot problems include flat feet, high arches, excessive walking, overweight, working in standing position for long time, wearing ill-fitting shoes or having tight calf muscles or Achilles tendons. The type of pain, extent of damage to the ligament and the cause behind the pain decides the treatment. Each treatment has its own goals such as to relieve inflammation, pain of the heel, healing the ligament tear, improving strength of the ligament and its flexibility and so on. These goals decide the method of treatment.  

Initial treatment for plantar fasciitis

More than 95 percent of people suffering from this type of pain recover completely in less than a year by non-surgical treatments.  Footlogics suggests that it can happen only when the treatment is started the moment symptoms start showing up. Several methods are prescribed for getting relief from this type of heel pain. Some treatments are used in combination and for some people even one type of treatment is enough. Read More...

Your Guide to Heel Spur Syndrome

A foot pain is a common problem, however very few people know that there are different reasons for the occurrence of same type of foot pain and the conditions vary as per the individuals’ body condition. A heel spur is also a type of foot pain that shows calcium deposit on the heel bone’s underside when taken under an X-ray. X-ray evidence shows the protrusion of the heel spur extended forward by half an inch. Most of the heel spurs do not cause any pain; however, in some cases they do cause pain to the heel if the condition is also associated to plantar fasciitis that is a painful inflammation of the foot. Here we are discussing the causes, symptoms and related treatments for the heel spurs. 

Heel spur causes

The process of calcium deposition underside of heel bone leads to formation of heel spur condition. This deposition slowly accumulates and takes many months to form the heel spur condition. The foot complaints start when the heel starts paining. Major reason behind the formation of spur is too much strain on ligaments and muscles of the foot, plantar fascia stretching, and when the heel bone covering membrane is tears off repeatedly. This type of problem is mostly common in athletes who are involved more in jumping and running activities. There are certain risk factors associated with heel spur such as running or jumping on hard surfaces, walking gain abnormalities due to which excess stress is placed on the heel bone leading to damage to nearby ligaments and muscles, excess weight, wearing badly fitted shoes and lack of proper arch support. Some other factors that are also associated with plantar fasciitis include diabetes, increasing age, having high arches or flat feet and standing on feet for long time. Read More...

All You Need To Know About Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is a common foot problem, often referred to as ball-of-foot pain. The term metatarsalgia is derived from the word metatarsal which means the long foot bones, and the Greek term algos which means pain. The pain is usually as a result of overuse or too much pressure on the bones in the middle of the foot.

The metatarsal bones are designed to share the body weight equally, especially when walking or doing a strenuous activity. When this balance is disrupted, some muscles are forced to bear more pressure than appropriate, thereby causing injury. The injury may manifest in mild or intense pain on the ball of the foot.

Common Causes of Metatarsalgia

There are a number of reasons that can result to pain in the ball of the foot. Some of the most common reasons are systemic diseases and abnormal bone formation. Alteration of the metatarsals’ posture can cause stress to the nerves. Once the posture is changed, some bones absorb more pressure than others when walking. Sometimes the pressure can be too much and a bone can succumb to it, causing a mild fracture and consequent malfunction. The following are additional causes of metatarsalgia. Read More...

Metatarsalgia Pain under the Ball of the Foot

Metatarsalgia is a condition that occurs due to overuse of the feet or collapsing of the metatarsal bones. While some consider this an illness in itself, it is more of a symptom of other underlying problems than a real disease.

Metatarsalgia affects mostly athletes and people who are involved in activities that involve jumping and running. Other sports people like tennis, football, netball, basketball, and baseball players are also prone to fore foot injuries which are a precursor for metatarsalgia. Read More...

How to treat Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

Why do you feel heel pain?

Complaints for heel or foot pain are more common than you think. Many people experience it at some stage of their lives, and become concerned about the possible causes and how complex or even painful treatment could be. Of course, there are many conditions and types of injury that can underlie foot pain, but in most cases the solution is much simpler than it seems.

Heel pain is a common condition that affects many people, especially those who are at increased risk due to their feet features and/or lifestyle. In other words, some people are more vulnerable to painful feet conditions.  Read More...

FootActive Orthotic Insoles

Common Foot Issues 

We use our feet everyday for standing, walking, running and performing our daily activities. Just like any other part of our body, the feet can get damaged or bruised due to overexertion. For instance, if we exercise too much without taking proper rest then we can hurt our foot.

There are a number of other factors that can affect our foot health too. Using improper shoes that don’t support our feet in the right manner or having weak muscles in the ankle or feet can also cause foot issues. Orthotics is the branch of foot medicine that deals with such problems of the feet. FootActive is one of the leaders in the orthotics field that develops latest orthotic solutions for common foot complaints.  Read More...


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